Forgiveness Leading to being Saved

PS 103:12  put sin far from you and not remember

 I choose “forgiveness” by choosing to forgive,

I am forgiven by God – is a true statement.   Change view of yourself.

I CHOOSE to be forgiven by God.

Matt 9:

Getting into his boat……Your sins is forgiven……Son of Man on Earth has the authority to forgive sins.

v. 6 – Jesus can forgive sins

The problem in my life is – SIN

Matt 9: – People thought man had health problem….God’s eyes …..sin and sickness is not that far apart…..arise…your sins are forgiven.

Sin is behind every problem in the world

Psunami – because of sin

Hunger in world – because of sin

Earthquakes – because of sin

Flooding is because of sin

Universe is broken – sun is burning out

Universe is turning slower each year… is breaking down

Romans 8:  Universe is in bondage to decay.  Universe is breaking down

When Adam and Eve choose to sin – plunged earth into sin

God is not trying to fix the universe now – Going to let it burn down


Every planet problem – because of sin

Every people problem – because of sin

Every physical problem you and I have – because of sin

Every heart problem, every cancer – because of sin


We were not made this way. When man was made in garden of Eden, made perfect

But when Adam/Eve choose to sin – tore at fabric of perfection.


God allowed them to become twisted and broken.

We were not made that way but we are that way now.

Every break in God’s law is broken

Subject to decay


Newspaper – Sexual sin, truth is not found easily

Earth will become worse and worse

All because of sin

Romans 5:12  – One man sin entered the world

Sinful by birth, actions

Exec 10:23 – No other Gods before me


Don’t take God’s name in vain

Don’t joke about God

Don’t minimize God

Keep Sabbath for God

Honor your father and mother  – Always honor them

Don’t murder – If you hate someone in your heart you are a murder

Don’t commit adultery – Lust in your heart is like adultery

Don’t steal

Don’t lie – even to your self

Don’t covet things – neighbors wife, money, jewelry

Think it is a problem is our lives. 5 things


1)    We are born in sin -Ps 51:5 – David said I was brought forth in sin my mother conceived me – reason Duke says in folder that “It is not entirely your fault you are a sinner.” I have never needed a pep talk about sinning…..”Hey Duke, make sure you keep that sinning going today!”

2)    We are determined sinners – We have a disease. Gen 6:5 “say the wickedness of os his thought. Sin is Cancer

3)    We are deceived about sin inside us. Jer 17:9 – heart is deceived….try to convince yourself sin is OK….blind to reality

4)    We are desperate sinners Jer 17:9 – we are despirate because of sin….no way out of it by ourselves

5)    We are destined Rom 6:23 – wages of sin is death. Ezekle 18:20 – soul that sins will surely die…physically and spiritually.


Prognosis is parish – John 3:16….shall not perish…If you don’t believe in HIM, they will parish.

Perish – eternal death sentence. Shocking people that will not ignore reality. Hebrews 9:27, “appointed unto man to die… chance.  No one knows when death is coming to you. …accidents happen, auto accidents, earthquakes, etc.

Did not see that off ramp coming so quickly

Better make sure NOW.

Everyone thinks they are going to heaven!!

“I know so many people who are worse than I am…”

God is not your college professor – who grades on the curve.

Jesus said broad is the road that leads to destruction, many are going there and narrow is the road that leads to eternity life and few are going to find that narrow road……many are going to parish


Many people will say, “God, I did all of these things for you – taught Sunday school class, served on the men’s ministry planning committee, disciple a woman….Jesus said, “Get away from me I never knew you”  Matt 7

People are slow to grab this principal even though they are perishing…

Lump in your breast  “Doctor, am I going to die?” the answer is yes. He can not do anything with “If you are going to die” only “when you are going to die.” 100% disease. No cure for eventual death.


How can people not be ready for death?? Everyone knows we are going to die.

You can choose where you are going to spend eternity.

What would think of an accountant that did not tell you that you were bankrupt?

What would you think of a lawyer that did not tell you your will did not leave anything to your children and the city gets your house and the dog pound gets the furniture.

What would you think of a doctor that would not tell you that you have two weeks to live?

How much more worse a preacher that will not tell you about the certainity of your perishing and your eternity in Hell

Hell is eternal, conscious torment; place of God’s wrath and God’s judgment.

Punishment where pain never ceases, darkness never ends, flames never stop.


Do you want to go there? As good as heaven is, hell will be so bad you would not wish it on your worst enemy.

Problem is sin, prognosis is death and separation from God. If God had not stepped in, nothing would change that course of action for our sin.


Are you ready to choose…some good news?


Provision – increadible the provision is forgiveness

You and I can be forgiven for our sins…Matt 9 – Jesus healed paralytic of his sins.

Scribes said – you are blaspheming.

Jesus was not going to heal the man of his health first and then his eternity problem

Spiritual problem was greater


Only Jesus is the one to have authority to forgive sins…There is no B plan


Jesus is God and has authority to forgive sins


Ex 34:6 – Lord slow to anger, forgives inquity, will not forgive the quilty!

Ps 86:5

Mica 7:8 – Pardons inquity, does not retain anger

Ps 103:12 – sin put far away

Mica 7:19 – Cast all sin into depths of sea

Ezk 23:5

Ps 32:1 – sin is covered

Ezk 36:26 – new heart


Don’t you want to be forgiven?


We can’t fix our sin probem.

No amound of sin can be washed away by itself

External cleasing agaent

Payment is Christ – good news of the Gospel

This is what separates all religions

False religion – I will do this my self…prove to God  I can do this myself

Trying to do for God what HE did for us.


When He says he loves you

He who knew no sin died for sin for us.


I owed a debt I could not pay,

He paid a debt he did not owe.   What Gospel did”


1 John 4:10 – Love for payment of our sins

Faith overcomes obstacles

Gift – You must reach out and take it


Pride of thinking you can do it

Pride of subborness….I can do it later

Time is now…

Do you understand that you need a Savior….sin is your problem,..hell is your future….forgiveness is your need….and faith is your choice


Are you ready to choose forgiveness

I am going to choose FORGIVENESS FROM GOD








Make a Great Day! Dr Duke

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