Evangelism material when talking to different cultures


Evangelism material for UA Grace


Questions are to start a spiritual conversation when you are presently engaged in a cultural conversation.

Possible questions to ask people when trying to find out if someone has made a commitment to Christ.  (Cultural conversation into a Kingdom conversation)

New Christian or Christian who is timid

Use three questions that everyone can ask:

1)   – “What is happening in your life that your excited about?” (Listen to what they are saying and show high interest about their excitement)

2)   – (After they slow down their explanation about their excitement, say) “Can I tell you what I am excited about in my life?”

3)   – “I prayed to accept Christ as my personal Savior and I am so excited about having Christ in my life when I look around and see the turmoil United States is going through at this time.” “What are your thoughts about that?”


Situational opportunities

Grocery Store/Restaurant – check out person – “Make a great day, you can make it anything you want!” They usually will say, “Yes, that is right. We really can make it what we want.” I then add if appropriate, “You can really make it a great day if you have the Lord in your life.”

Waitress or Waiter – “We are getting ready to bless this food. Is there anything we can pray about for you or a member of your family?”


Acquaintances (Assuming you know where they attend church)

Ask them this question, “What evangelism tools does your church use?”

Listen and then ask them if you can show them what you are using to get

their advice on your evangelism tools.

Timing to share with people at work.

Realize that you cannot force your views on others you work with but you can do the following:


Do F.OR.M.  Questions to find area of concern in their life. Could be

fear of losing a job, wife’s health, daughter’s friends, etc.


Family – Ask questions about the personals family – (Parents, sister,

brother, children, grandchildren) “Tell me about your parents,

or your sister. Where did you meet your wife? How many

children to you have? Do all of your children appear to be

fairly happy in life?”

Occupation – Ask questions about their work employment. “Do you like

your work?  How long have they been working at this

particular job,? Are they looking to find a different job in

same or different area of employment?”

Retirement/Recreation – Ask questions about retirement. “When they

plan to retire? What do they already do with their retirement

activity? Are they still active participating in sports or are

they just observers? Do they exercise regularly? What is

their exercise regime?”

Motivation/Money – Ask questions like, “If money were not a concern

and you had all you wanted, what would you do? Do you think

that would make you happy? What is there in your life that when

you get out of bed; you are just so excited to do? Do you ever

read motivational books? Why not? Do you think money can buy

happiness? Do you know any wealthy people that are really

happy and have a great relationship with their spouse and

children and God as well?”

Suggested approach after finding out a personal concern of a co-worker or relative they may have in their life:

With your permission may I pray for_______?”

(Duke has found this to be the best lead-in at any time) Write the request down on a piece of paper making sure the individual sees you writing down the requests.

As you are writing down the prayer requests, you may want to say:

“You do agree that God answers pray, don’t you?” – (Obviously they do as they have just asked you to pray for the request

When they acknowledge God answers pray, ask,

“What do you think about God?”


Follow-up: Perhaps you can ask, “As you know I have been praying for_______. I have been praying this prayer ____________. How can I best pray for _______?”  This will allow you to do this at work and then when timing is right, you can ask them to go to lunch with you away from business property.


Accountability with 1 or 2 other Christians who also want to share their faith and need someone else to hold them accountable. By calling your accountability partner you can ask them, “Have you started a Kingdom conversation this week?” Each partner will tell of a situation they found themselves in this week that they could or did take advantage of to start a Kingdom conversation and the results of that encounter. Those who force themselves to share Christ will feel so good about their sharing that they will be excited to share with their accountability partner.


Prayer is mandatory:

If we have blood relatives or certain people that we want to share Christ with, it is imperative that those names be held up to Christ daily and that part of  your accountability is also praying for those individuals.

It is also imperative that we ask Christ every morning to bring someone into our life to share Christ with that day. God will answer those prayer requests.

Questions that could be asked:

“ Do you believe in absolute truth?”

“What do you think about absolute truth; is there such a thing?”

“What would be your source of finding that truth?”

“Do you believe the Bible contains absolute truth?”

“Do you fell if the 10 commandments were followed we could find absolute truth?”

“What do you think is the Christian World Viewpoint in 2010?”

“Is there a difference between Moral truth and Biblical truth?”

“Do you believe we should be tolerant of those who do not believe in absolute truth? What suggestions do you have to help me try to be tolerant?”

 Statement of fact:

         “Christianity is the only religion where God reaches down to man rather than man having to prove himself to be ‘good enough’ for God to accept them!”

“God died on the cross for our sins, we did not die on the cross for God.”

“There is nothing you and I can do to find favor with God to erase our sinful nature.”

Muslim faith:

The following suggested questions are to ask someone you do not suspect to be a Muslim but only trying to engage in conversation to lead up to talking about your faith in Christ.

“What do you know about the Muslim faith? How does it differ with your views as a Christian?

“Do you think USA should be concerned with the Muslim influence? What do you think we can do about it?”

“Do you think Allah is the same as God of the Christian faith?”

“Where did the Muslim faith start? Isaac vs. Ishmael origin?” How old was Ishmael when Isaac was born?” (age 13) “Would that account for the Muslims understanding that they are the descendents of Abraham?” (Biblical culture gave most inheritance to oldest son)

Atheist faith:

“Do you believe there is such a thing as an Atheist? Do you feel there are any Atheist in foxholes when the bullets are hitting around them or they have been in a car accident and are bleeding?”

How to combat an atheist:

When approaching an atheist say, “You have got more faith than I have!” “How do you look at a tree, or the moon or a new board baby, and not know that it is created rather than evolved?

Tell a Story – Atheist has more faith that the Christian – easier to believe in creation.

Fingerprints – Thousands born each day and none alike – even twins

Formula of H-2-O –  Can not make water with those chemicals.

Acorn buried in King Tut’s tomb – grow if planted and scientists can use

chemicals to make an acorn but not get it to grow

Tell a Story – Take watch apart and put all of the parts on the table. As you show putting all of those parts in your pocket ask the question, “How long would you have to jump to hear it tick?”


“I Didn’t Have Time” – Poem


I got up early one morning and rushed right into the day;

I had so much to accomplish – that I didn’t have time to pray.


Problems just tumbled about me and heavier came each task;

“Why doesn’t God help me,” I wondered.

He answered, “You didn’t ask.”


I wanted to see joy and beauty BUT the day toiled on, gray and bleak,

I wondered why God didn’t show me. He said, “But you didn’t seek.”


I tried to come into God’s presence; I used all my keys at the lock,

God gently and lovingly chided, “My child you didn’t knock.”


I woke up early this morning and paused before entering the day,

I had so much to accomplish, that I had to take time to pray.


Duke Heller






Make a Great Day! Dr Duke

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