Entry Words to start a Kingdom Conversation


F.O.R.M. –  Family, Occupation, Recreation, Motivation

Talk about their Family and remember where they grew up  and what their children interests are.

Talk about Occupation and remember where they work and why they work at their job. If money was no object, would they do what they are doing now? Do they have any fear about losing their job?

Talk about Recreation and remember what they really like to do. Hobbies? fishing, sports, hiking, knitting, painting.

Talk about their Motivation – What makes them tick. May be a doctor during day but  enjoys working on old cars at night -this is what makes them really enjoy life.

Goal: to find out some areas of stress in their life or the life of their children.

Then use a sentence that will allow allow quick entry into Kingdom Conversation:

“With your permission may I pray for _______?”

When permission is granted, then take out a pad and pencil and write down the prayer request; name, circumstance for them or family member, etc .Ex. Child dating someone you disapprove of or Husband unsure about his job or marriage relationship.

As you are writing prayer requests down, ask second sentence: “You do believe God answers prayer, don’t you?”

Since they gave you permission to pray use third sentence: “What do you think about God?”

Everyone has an opinion about God, even the non-believer has an opinion about God.

Time for fourth sentence: “May I share something with you that someone else shared with me which made it easier for me to understand God?

USE MAYISHARE BRIDGE ILLUSTRATION to share Christ with them in a non-threatening way.


1) “Are you a Christian?”- Not a good question to ask!

2) When you die and go to heaven, and God says ‘Why should I let you in?’ What are you going to say?”

3)   “Can you point to the exact time you accepted Christ?”good to ask!

Additional questions that are used effectively

1)“Is it easy for you to share your faith?”

2) “May I show you how I share my faith?”

3)“What do you think about God?”

4)“Who do you think Jesus was?”

5) “Where do you take your children to Church?”

Best short-cut to get right to the  most important question

“May I share something with you that someone shared with me that made it easier for me to understand who God was?”




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  1. jbohrer says:

    Very concise. Thank you for sharing this outline. Good to go overview right before sharing with another.

    • drduke says:

      Thanks Jesse. Hope it helps you. I think I have got it down to add material. You and I are working on the font size situation as I type this